Centre facilities

Bar B. Q. area available for use at no additional cost but hirer must supply charcoal etc.


Downswood Community Centre capacities:

                                                 Main hall                     Lounge:

Closely seated audience:                 200                           100

Dancing:                                         140                            70

Seated at tables and dancing:           110                            55

Seated at tables:                              90                             50

(These capacities must not be exceeded)


Furniture available for useat the Downswood community centre.

All furniture MUST be cleaned & replaced back to their normal storage positions (below) after use.

Tables: (Oct.17).
Large (Go-Pak) tables (1830x685 & 698 high) =
Sixteen (16). (Ten stored in the hall table cupboard & six in the lounge).

Smaller (Go-Pak) tables (915x685 & 698 high) = Ten (10).(All stored in the hall table cupboard)

Small red nursery tables (915x610 & 508 high) = Fourteen (14).(Ten stored in the hall table cupboard & four in the lounge).

Additional (plastic topped) large tables (1830x685 & 698 high) = Sixteen (16).(All stored at the back of the stage).

Wooden patio benches = Three (3). Stored outside on the wooden patio.

Chairs: Dark grey (adult plastic) chairs = One hundred & twenty two (122). (All stored in the hall - twenty on the floor & one hundred & two at the back of the stage).

Light grey (adult plastic) chairs = Thirty one (31). (All stored in the lounge).

Children’s nursery chairs = Sixty five (65). (Forty five stored in the hall table cupboard & twenty stored in the lounge).

Six dark grey (adult chairs – marked on the back of the seat) = Six (6). Stored under the pergola outside on the wooden patio.

White (Ikea) children’s high chairs = Two (2).(Stored at the back of the stage).

Notes:All furniture & facilities at the Downswood community centre is used at the hirers & their guests own risk. Do not use any furniture or facilities if it is broken or damaged. Adult dark grey chairs will not stack with adult light grey chairs, that’s why we store them in different places. (Just one of life’s mysteries I guess)! Do not stack adult plastic chairs more than five high, they could fall over & cause injury. Please do not allow anyone to drag chairs, especially stacks of chairs or tables across the floor, use the trolley. If any furniture is found dirty, broken, damaged or is not stored away correctly after your hiring, we shall employ someone to clean & store away this furniture, or replace damaged furniture with money from your special deposit.



The main hall is approximately 15.5m x 10.5m and seats 200 persons. We currently have 25 large tables 180cm x 70cm, 4 small tables 90cm x 70cm, (low) nursery tables with 24 nursery chairs and 184 large chairs.

There is a fully usable stage area. The hall has direct access from the entrance hall, cloakroom, toilets, kitchen, storage areas, patio and play area. There is a badminton court marked on the floor and a serving hatch from the kitchen to the main hall.


This comfortable room is 12m x 5.5m.The lounge is furnished with chairs and small tables and is partially carpeted. There is direct access from the entrance hall giving access to the cloakroom and toilets. There is also direct access from the lounge to the kitchen, patio and play area. There is digital TV available in the lounge and also a serving hatch to the kitchen.


There is a good size (3.9 metres x 3.4 metres) adequately equipped kitchen which includes oven, hob, microwave, fridge, double sink, drainer and a boiling water dispenser. Large preparation units and cupboards are also available. The kitchen is equipped for catering, with pots, pans & crockery.


There is a large cloakroom in the entrance hall area with a cupboard for hirer’s cleaning utensils and equipment. Recyling boxes are stored here for hirer’s use.


The Gents' toilets have two cubicles, three urinals, and three washbasins. The Ladies' toilet has four cubicles and three washbasins. Disabled facilities at the centre include a disability friendly toilet, washbasin & also baby-changing utilities (table & nappy disposable system).


There are two main storage rooms in the main hall with additional storage in the large under-stage storage area. Regular users are allocated storage space to suit their requirements. Special storage cupboards are incorporated under the front of the stage.


Accessed from the main hall, the south patio area is next to the children’s play area. The east patio has a large decked area and an attractive pergola.


There is a secure BBQ and an equipped children’s play area to the south of the building accessed by the main hall, the lounge or the kitchen. There is a further large grassed area to the east of the building which is securely fenced and is suitable for general outdoor activities. Wildlife footpath for adults & supervised children. These facilities are available to hirers at no additional cost.


There is a separate car park for the Community Centre and an overflow car park for large events across Chiltern Close, next to the medical centre.



Please note: We have CCTV throughout the centre for security & free WIFI for our guests.