Thank you for booking the Downswood Community Centre

This is a guide to help you through the process of hiring the centre, your responsibilities when your hiring is confirmed & also when your hiring has finished.

Your booking form is enclosed. Please check all the details and complete all the sections that have been left blank, ensuring you sign and date the form on the reverse. Bookings cannot be honoured if the form is not completed correctly or signed, as this forms your contract with us. Any false information will result in your hiring being cancelled.

Where required, a booking deposit should be paid immediately to secure your date. Please make all cheques payable to ‘Downswood Community Association’ and return these, along with the white copy of the booking form, to the address of the Booking Secretary on the top of the booking form. (The green copy is your receipt). We do not accept payments of cash - all payment must be made by cheque (or postal order).

Hiring fees and any special deposit indicated on your booking MUST BE PAID IN FULLat least 14 days before your event, otherwise your booking will be cancelled and hired to another hirer.

Hiring fees (deposit and balance) and special deposits must be paid by separate cheques.

Please note that it is now our policy to bank special deposits over £50 upon receipt, prior to your event taking place. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the hiring charge and the special deposit (when required). Providing everything is left clean and tidy and there is no damage your special deposit will be returned or refunded (as appropriate) within 14 days of your event. If there is any damage or additional cleaning is required, the cost will be deducted from your special deposit.

If you would like to tour the premises prior to the date of your event or require any further information specifically relating to the centre or it’s contents, please contact the caretaker: (01622 861780). It will not be possible to arrange a visit to the centre when hired for a children’s party special deal. Please note; only one visit per booking is allowed. Alternatively you could visit our web site ( where there are photograph galleries.

Nearer to the date of your event please remember to contact the centre management: (01622 861780), as stated on your booking form, to arrange access and set up arrangements.

If you or anyone is selling alcohol at your event, you must contact the designated premises supervisor (07708150613), prior to you event. (This involves no additional cost).

The centre has a current premises licence therefore a temporary events notice is not required.

All electrical equipment must be ‘PAT’ tested before being plugged into any socket at the centre.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our centre, but if any problems occur during your hiring, please do not hesitate to contact one of the centre management. Their mobile phone numbers are in the notice board outside the main entrance.

Should you wish to tell your guests how to find the centre, our address is:

Downswood Community Centre, Chiltern Close, Downswood, Maidstone ME15 8XG.

The Downswood community centre has been successfully and exclusively managed by volunteers from the Downswood community association (Registered Charity No: 298218), since the opening in 1990.

Updated March.2014.


Hirer's Responsibilities

Thank you for hiring

the Downswood community centre. You must read the conditions of hire then sign and return the white booking form, if you don’t, you will not be given access to the centre. (This is a legal contract between the hirer and the centre management).


If you have signed and returned your (white) booking form, the caretaker will meet you, unlock the centre and show you where everything is.

Please make sure that the centre is clean and tidy, walk around with the caretaker to ensure that there is no damage and the centre is clean.

Please make yourself aware of the fire safety policy (posted in the foyer), before your guests arrive.

As the hirer, YOU are the ‘temporary responsible person in charge of fire safety’ during your hiring.

During your hiring there may also be another hiring at the same time, which means the kitchen and outside areas must be shared equally.

If you need to unload cars or vans, please ask the caretaker to show you the paddock gate for access to the rear of the centre. (Do not leave cars parked on the grass or patio areas & do not leave these gates open).

Do not drive on the grass when wet – you will probably get stuck and make a mess.

Please do not stick any adhesives on the furniture, walls, floors or doors.

You are responsible for the security of the centre during your hiring. If you leave doors open or unattended, unauthorised people may enter and cause damage.

Please ensure your guests use the car parks and not park directly outside the centre in Chiltern Close.

Children; please supervise children at all times & do not allow them on the stage, on the planted gardens or the grass bank’s outside, (this area used to be a quarry and there are some rocks in the grass).

Noise pollution; please respect our nearby residents when your guests (especially children), are outside.

If your hiring is an evening event, all external doors MUST be closed after 21.00 hours (9pm) and all entertainment must stop at 23.00 hours, (11pm), with all cleaning carried out and guests departed by midnight, unless you have

arranged to return Sunday morning. (This must have been arranged when making your booking).


Please ensure all furniture is cleaned & returned back to where it is stored.

DO NOT drag, or allow others to drag furniture across the hall floor – it causes damage.

Please leave the centre, as you find it – clean, tidy and nothing damaged.

Please take all your rubbish home with you.

Hoover, mop, bucket, cloths & liquids are stored in the cloakroom cupboard, for hirers use.

(Please also remember to clean up the less obvious places, like outside the entrance and patios).

Noise pollution; please ensure everyone leaves the centre quietly.

The hirer must ensure that all doors and windows are secured correctly, before vacating the centre.

(The caretaker does not return to see you leave, the centre is alarmed later).

When you arrived, you agreed with the caretaker that the centre was clean, tidy and with no damage.

If any damage is found, if you do not clean up any mess made during your hiring, or do not clean and replace furniture, your special deposit payment or part of your special deposit payment may be retained to cover the

cost of any repairs, renewals, additional cleaning and any other necessary requirements that are found.

This is just a brief guide to ensure you enjoy your visit AND have your special deposit returned.

You must read the full conditions on the rear of your booking form and return the white signed form.

If there are any problems during your hiring, please do not hesitate to contact:

The centre management: 0770 815 0613 or 0795 831 5073. June. 2016.


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